What does your reality look like?

In all businesses the demands for logistics, hygiene and fast handling of work wear is an absolute must. So, how do you handle your work wear? How and where do you change your garments? Let's look at three examples of a day to day life which may be rather like your own.

Either you own your own working garments, or your work provides them. All staff wash their work wear at home.

Your work not only provides work wear, but has its own laundry. Staff hand in used garments and pick up clean ones via a clothing store or via a locker solution.

Your work provides your work wear. Staff hand in used garments and pick up clean ones via a clothing store or a locker solution. An outside laundry picks up used garments up and sorts them manually, both before and after cleaning them, and then brings them back to your work.

In all our examples, the problems are the same:

  • – You have low control over your garment stock.
  • – You have no control over the flow, that is, where garments are in the circuit.
  • – You have difficulties to show how hygiene and environmental requirements are being met.
  • – You have nothing to show how often people are changing their garments.
  • – The level of service is limited.

Which in turn means:

  • – More administrative costs.
  • – You may be short of work wear.
  • – You have little or no stock control.
  • – The image of your company doesn't look so good when it comes to hygiene and the environment.
Conique garment logistics system is the choice for you.